What We Do

We are committed to the wholistic transformation of the challenged, disadvantaged, and underprivileged members of the community by providing them with programs to uplift their medical, psychological, mental, spiritual, educational, and moral status, and create livelihood opportunities for them to attain economic well-being and become productive members of the communities they belong.


We establish, operate and manage rehabilitation centers with our partners in key areas of the Philippines that will provide medical aid, in the form of facilities, supplies and specialists, to drug dependents to help them return to their families to live healthy and productive lives.


We offer livelihood training and entrepreneurship programs aimed to uplift the socio-economic status of the disadvantages sectors of various communities in the Philippines.


We create programs aimed at the physically and behaviorally challenged members of the community, to address their special needs and health care issues, in order to increase their chances of becoming productive and meaningful members of the community.

Reach Out

We conduct community, civic, health, and social outreach programs with our partners to assist the marginalized sectors of the community, especially those affected by various natural disasters and unforeseen events to help them get back up and return to their normal lives.


We create and implement plans and programs for the various communities that aim to create strong awareness on the environment, and how we must care for and protect it.

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